Project notes:

The book was published to document Nomads, exhibited at the National Gallery of Canada. The exhibition explored different interpretations of nomadism, a way of life that takes place in a non-structured environment where movement is paramount. Keeping in mind the idea that “travel is also a territory of the imagination” and focusing on the gathered works by the artists that dealt with the concept of outward and inward journeys.

The main challenge was to design something non-linear, but at the same time, comprehensible. The format had to be small, like a notebook, to make it feel more realistic when the visitor went through the exhibition with it. The design consisted of coming up with a non-traditional Art Book. It was purposefully unmethodical – the essay was interrupted, sometimes with notes, sketches and unfolding pages, at others with blank pages, color tests or even loose postcards. The book was a literal and conceptual travel journal of the exhibition that recorded “memories” for each work on view.